Build Power


Building Power

Everyone loves someone who had an abortion. Women’s Medical Fund aims to shift the culture around abortion from stigma, isolation, and shame to love, community, and compassion. We know that the right to choose is not enough if so many people do not have access to that choice. We know that abortion access is one vital component of reproductive justice, racial justice, economic justice and gender justice.

We believe in solidarity. As a fund, we are engaged in building community power to end the oppressions that create the need for abortion funding in the first place. Building power and community organizing means looking to the power of the people to dismantle barriers to abortions and developing and following the leadership of those we serve. That is why it is so important that you join with us, not only funding abortion but also building power to change policy and culture. 

We fund abortions, AND we are building an activist community: a space for building real relationships and becoming transformed by them. This is what we’re doing in this movement: belonging to each other; that is our foundation for change.

We fight for a world where abortion access is a reality for everyone, no matter your income or zip code. Our movement’s rallying cry is, “Fund Abortion, Build Power!”

To gain an understanding of vision and priorities for activism, please check out the National Network of Abortion Funds’ political and cultural agenda here.