Fund Abortion


Funding Abortion

No matter your zip code or income, every person deserves access to the health care they need. Due to extreme anti-abortion legislation and social and economic inequities, abortion access in Wisconsin is very restricted. WMF works to fill the gaps in abortion access by providing financial assistance to Wisconsin residents who need an abortion but cannot afford the full cost.

The majority of funding comes from generous individual donors, with the rest from foundation grants. Donations to WMF help expand abortion access in Wisconsin!

Patients are screened for financial need and referred to WMF by abortion clinics. Patients call our fund, and our volunteers assess how much money is needed to fund the patient’s abortion. WMF sends a check directly to the clinic, made payable directly to the clinic or physician, after the abortion has been performed. 

A first-trimester abortion in Wisconsin can cost $650, including a mandatory counseling appointment at least 24 hours prior to when the abortion is performed. Second trimester abortions cost much more. All patients who we support pay for a portion of their abortion. In 2017, the average WMF grant was $330. Some patients need as little as $30 to $50 to complete their funding; others may need much more. Learn more about who we support.