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Taco or Beer Challenge 2019

It’s Taco or Beer Challenge time again! Throughout September, Women's Medical Fund and its supporters will be eating tacos, drinking beers, donating to power abortion access, and inviting our friends to join the party. This is a virtual, online campaign, so you can join in from wherever you are! Learn how to get involved here.

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Become a Member

Become an individual member of the National Network of Abortion Funds, and anchor your membership in Women’s Medical Fund Wisconsin. For an annual membership rate of $25 (with a sliding scale option), you will receive a t-shirt that says “Everyone Loves Someone Who Had An Abortion.”  Individual members have the opportunity to plug in and learn more about our political and cultural agenda through virtual gatherings and workshops, convenings, and more. Learn more and become a member here.

Heart-to-Heart Conversations about Abortion

We invite you to share deeply about your values and thoughts about abortion access through heart-to-heart conversations. Dialogue, storytelling, and intentional conversations are powerful tools to organizing and strengthening our movement. By tapping into love and empathy, speaking from our values, and seeking to understand and really hear others, we will be able to connect and build relationships, even when we don’t agree on everything about abortion. Check out the homepage for conversation toolkits, cards, pledges and more.

Host a Party or Action Space

Interested in bringing people together to learn about abortion funds and take action together? We can provide you with toolkits, resources, ideas and support for your gathering. Contact us at for more information!

Invite WMF to Your Organization

Invite WMF to your event, meeting, organization or class. Our presentations include Abortion Funds 101, Heart-to-Heart Conversations Training and more. We’re happy to customize a presentation or facilitate activities/workshops to meet your goals. Please contact us at with details about your invitation.

Read and Share Abortion Stories

We Testify, a program of the National Network of Abortion Funds, is dedicated to increasing the spectrum of abortion storytellers in the public sphere and shifting the way the media understands the context and complexity of accessing abortion care. We Testify seeks to build the power and leadership of abortion storytellers, particularly those of color, those from rural and conservative communities, those who are queer identified, those with varying abilities and citizenship statuses, and those who needed support when navigating barriers while accessing abortion care. Read abortion stories, and testify with your own story.