Who We Support


Who We Support

Women’s Medical Fund supports Wisconsin residents who have an abortion (either in or outside of Wisconsin) and patients from neighboring states who have an abortion at a Wisconsin clinic.

In 2017, Women’s Medical Fund granted more than $325,000 to fund abortion for over 1,000 Wisconsin residents. We saw a 30% increase in need from the previous year. 

WMF funds abortions for people who live all across Wisconsin. In 2017, 46% of our callers were from Milwaukee, and 10% were from Madison. The rest came from 134 Wisconsin towns and cities; 7 from 3 bordering states who came to Wisconsin for their abortion care.

Our grants support patients of all ages. In 2017, our youngest caller was 12 and the oldest was 42; the majority of those supported were in their 20s (59%) and in their 30s (24%). Most of the individuals we support are already parents. In 2017, 71% had at least one child. 

Many of our callers are already experiencing economic barriers in their lives. We know that abortion access is not possible without economic justice, so that all people can afford the health care they need.  Here are some facts about our grantees from 2017:

  • 44% are working full- or part-time and are still unable to cover the steep financial burdens of abortion.
  • 51% receive Foodshare.
  • 11% are homeless, either floating among family/friends, or living in a shelter, car or on the streets.
  • A majority are on state-sponsored Medicaid (Forward/Badgercare), which does not cover the costs of abortion. For those who have some private insurance, it also did not cover abortion care.

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